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Making Birthday Cards
Decoupage lady card making idea

Decoupage sheet code number Le Suh 4169110
Cut out the background rectangle, stick on to a DL white card blank using a glue stick.

Use double sided ultra thin (2-3 mm) tape to make a frame around the image.
Then use funky fibres or wool to make a frame around the image
(alternatively use glitter or accent beads)

Cut out step 2 and 3 of the decoupage sheet.
Attach these on top of the main image using 3D Pads or silicone glue.

There are more images on the decoupage sheet, however I decided to stop adding anymore at this point but you can continue further if you choose or make another card from the remaining images.

Card Idea


80 th Birthday card making idea

Take a three colour ink pad such as Brilliance ink pads and drag across the card blank aiming to get most of the ink in the centre of the card

Once the ink has dried, use a clear appliglue to draw the images and '80s' onto the ink, leave the appliglue to dry for 50 - 60 minutes.

Make sure the Appliglue is touch dry, then lay some silver hot foil over the top of the images you have drawn (matt side down) gently heat the foil with a heat tool while applying some pressure by rubbing the foil with your fingers so that it adheres to the appliglue.

After a few seconds peel away the foil leaving the appliglue images foiled!

The 'Happy birthday' words were printed on the card blank using an ink jet printer.

card idea 2



Birthday Girl card making idea

Use a 6 x 6 white card blank
Separate with a strip of paper or ribbon of your choice
Make five shrinkles flowers using a flower 'whale of a punch' and opaque shrink plastic, colour the flowers with pencils and shrink as per instructions on the shrink plastic.

Stamp you image on a separate piece of card (I've used the little girl and dog image from woodware clear stamps collection) colour and cut out, mount this on the card blanks using 3D sticky pads to raise the image.
Stamp birthday girl and hearts on to card (from the same stamp sheet as little girl) glue the shrinkles on and add diamante details to the centre of the flowers, little girl and the wording if required.

card idea 2


Orange & Pinks card making idea

Cut two pieces of ribbon six inches in length and attach diagonally to
the right hand side of the card blank

Cut a large daisy with a Whale of a Punch or use one from the kit. attach the daisy in the centre of the ribbons with a 3d pad. then add a sequin daisy with a diamante in the centre.

Take a sequin flower and attach to the card at the top and bottom in between the ribbon add a pink diamante to each centre for effect.

Create a tab shape with a corner punch or use one from your kit and attach to the left hand side of the card opposite the daisy. Tie a tiny piece of ribbon onto a jump ring, then stick the ribbon on to the tab as shown, attach the flip flop charm.

Card idea 3


Black & White card making idea

Cut a strip of black card 150 mm long by 25 mm wide, attach this to the right of the card blank, do the same with the white ribbon which is in your kit or choose a ribbon of your choice, attach the ribbon to the length of black card.

Use a large black circle and a large white daisy (both are supplied in the kit)

Attach the daisy to the circle then attach the circle at the centre of the black and white strip use 3D pads to add depth.

Attach the black tag on the left side of the card blank and fix a white 25 mm circle on top. Use peel-off words for the occasion.

card idea 4

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