Making Birthday Cards for men

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Making Birthday Cards for men

Making cards for men always seems to be a problem for women, this is probably do to the fact that most of the craft market products are targeted at women i.e. die cut hearts, stick on Butterflies and all manner of girly stuff!

So how about a movie themed birthday card!

The great thing about movies is that you'll never go short of inspiration or material, simply go to google and type the name of the film you want to base your card idea on.

Re-size and edit your images to the required size.
For this card each image should measure approx. 3 cm x 2 cm

The overall size should be 12.3 cm by 2.2 cm high.

Print the finished image onto normal inkjet / laser paper.

Birthday Card Strip

We've used a green card for our frame.

Turn the board over and mark a straight line approx. 3 mm in from the edge.

Each frame has an internal size of 28 mm
Each separator is 2 mm

Movie nerd note: When Neo is in the Matrix the the screen is tinted green!
Hole Punch


Once your frame is complete stick it onto the image using Uhu glue.

Cutting any excess paper away leaving just the frame and images.
Glue strip


Finish your card with a well positioned greeting of your choice, we've also added another frame with a picture of the dvd front cover.Mens Birthday Card

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