Choosing your card blank

One of the most important factors when making cards is to choose the right card blank for project you are undertaking. Not all card blanks are the same! The following is a guide to various card blanks and there suitability for particular projects.

Smooth – Smooth card blanks are the best choice for either rubber stamping or printing on using a computer and printer, however if you are using a digital printer be careful to choose a low grammage card, you will need to check your printer and find out the maximum paper weight that it can handle.

Textured – Textured cards are mostly suitable for use with embellishments or decoupage, however if the texture is not a heavy emboss such as a hammer texture then these can also be stamped or printed on to. Linen texture is particularly suiting for multiple uses. Textured card blanks tend to feel thicker to the touch than smooth, however they may have a lower grammage, keep in mind that a 240 gms embossed card may seem thicker than a 300 gms smooth card!

Pearlescent – Pearlescent card blanks are a very popular choice, however they have many limitations, the pearl finish is created by coating the card, this coating is added as an aid to printing, however the coating only helps industrial printers, not ink jet users! when using an ink jet the ink tends to dry slowly, often smudging or not drying at all. You’ll also have problems if you want to heat emboss as the card will curl and rarely return to its original state. If you want to rubber stamp on pearlescent it’s best to use solvent based inks.