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Just follow the steps below to make this 3D Decoupage card.


Decoupage Card

Cutting out the Image

To cut out the image use a craft knife and scissors, nail scissors that have a rounded blade are also useful.

Start with the intricate cutting and small areas rather than leave them until last, this way you'll have more of the image to hold on to.
Decoupage Cutting

Decoupage cutting tips

Make sure you cut into the corners, don't be tempted to pull the paper, if the cuts do not meet, pulling the paper will leave jagged edges or fraying.

Keep the knife upright and not at an angle to avoid white edges.

If you do get any white edges simply colour them with felt tip or water colour paint.

Always cut away from a corner.

Decoupage cutting 2





Base Layer

Stick The first layer onto the card using Uhu Stic glue.

Decoupage Layer

Build up the decoupage image

The next layers can be stuck with either Silicone glue or sticky pads, however you'll get better results with silicone.

Applying Silicone glue

Squeeze out a small amount of glue onto a nonabsorbent surface, using a tooth pick or fine tipped embossing tool, roll the end in the glue to pick up a small blob, then apply the glue to the back of the layer.

Decoupage Layer

Adding Shape to decoupage layers

To add more shape and depth to your finished image, emboss the layers to give them a more rounded effect.

Before you apply the last layer, turn it over and place it on a mouse mat, then using the handle of a tea spoon gently emboss the image.

Decoupage embossing

Total time taken to make this 3D decoupage card was around 45 minutes.

Decoupage card


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